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Top 10 features which differentiate an industry leader



Top 10 features which differentiate an industry leader

What sets TechR2® apart? Here are ten features which differentiate an industry leader:

  1. Patented process – the only of its kind in the industry
  2. RFID tagging combined with proprietary software – we are not aware of any better
  3. A training program that ensures business partner personnel adhere to strict protocol – you would be hard-pressed to find a vendor that takes such time and interest in its business partner.
  4. On-site data eradication (on-site is a key component) – as opposed to shredding in the parking lot or “securely” shipping devices and their data – not only do we not believe devices and their data can be fully securely shipped – be we believe that once the data leaves the 4-walls of an organization’s facility – all control is lost and there is no way to affirmatively and unequivocally attest that there has not been a breach
  5. Secure and environmentally sound transport of device corpses after data cleansing – Zero Landfill Policy
  6. ISO and Industry certifications – we have not seen any other vendor that has earned the certifications that TechR2® has earned and maintains
  7. Such certifications are national and global – TechR2® can step up globally without concern of overseas business partners – not many vendors, if any, can say the same
  8. TechR2® is privately owned, woman owned, and minority owner
  9. TechR2® is experienced with dealing with IBM manufactured devices
  10. TechR2® is prepared for full compliance with GDPR


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