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RFID IT Asset Tracking

The exposure level of many companies in securing IT assets is extremely vulnerable.

Due to this exposure, there is a heightened need for IT asset management and inventory, especially within the data center.

lf IT assets can be tracked effectively, companies have the capability to meet all asset management standards and ensure data security.

Solution: IT Asset Tracking in the Data Center


Radio Frequency Identification

RFID technology has emerged as the most promising solution and plan of action, making asset tracking a reality.

RFID allows the location and identification of assets without direct line of sight, replacing the human read bar code. Therefore RFID can successfully identify and track IT assets while creating an inventory – and can perform these duties more often and more accurately. Access to this information will allow companies to determine when asset losses occur and why. IT staff can then focus on their core responsibilities with the comfort of streamlined inventory and reporting made ready and available.

In order to successfully implement this feature in a data center environment, RFID has integrated on-metal active and passive tags (including those from Omni-ID) into the total solution. This integration will eliminate the interference of metals to RFID signals, while achieving near perfect levels of on, and off metal performance.

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RFID IT Asset Tracking for the Data Center

TAB with RFID Benefits & Drivers

  1. Real-time inventory control
  2. Automated audit trail
  3. Daily inventory of all data center assets
  4. Ensure regulatory compliance
  5. Reduce risk and exposure
  6. Reduction of lost or stolen assets
  7. Reduce compliance & operational costs
  8. Up to 90% reduction in compliance costs
  9. Up to 60% reduction in operating costs
  10. Manpower savings for audits
  11. Up to 90% reduction in inventory collection time/costs
  12. Protect data against possible security breaches
  13. Dramatic improvements in data accuracy
  14. Increased assurance and security in the data center
  15. Complete lifecycle management from installation until decommissioned for hard drives, servers and data center assets

The Success

In 2008, a global IT company conducted a time-and-motion study to measure the efficiency that could be gained by implementing an RFID data center inventory management system. One study compared a passive Omni-10-based RFID solution to manual data gathering and found that the RFID solution was 15 times faster.

In comparison to barcode data gathering, RFID was four times faster. Based on these results, the company’ s asset tracking project team determined that a typical data center with 10,000 IT assets could potentially be completed in approximately four hours using passive RFID technology rather than seven working days if it were to be done manually.

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