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Specialized Services

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Protect your brand with our full line of data security,
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TechR2 offers a multitude of services that ensure complete data security and protection from compromised data.

Specialized Services

TechR2 also offers Specialized Services to ensure any company with the fullest data protection and onsite date destruction solutions. And, in the event your data-bearing device(s) still have value – and physical destruction is not the preferred method – let us assist you in keeping your brand and enterprise safe with our secure onsite data erasure solutions.

Our pledge to honor the environment is your assurance that we follow the new EPA R2 Responsible Recycling standards.

TechR2′s specialized services are offered on an individual basis. If you would like assistance in selecting the services that best complement your internal process, please contact us and we will provide a written quotation within 24 hours.

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