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One Stolen Thumb Drive Costs Dermatology Practice $150K



One Stolen Thumb Drive Costs Dermatology Practice $150K

One Stolen Thumb Drive Costs Dermatology Practice $150K

One stolen thumb drive with the electronic protected health information of approximately 2,200 individuals has cost a dermatology practice $150,000 following a settlement with the Department of Health and Human Services.

Source and for more details: The Healthcare Innovation Group

Surprisingly, many organizations do not have policies and procedures in place to properly audit, track and contain critical data bearing devices as they are removed from the network. The days of maintenance personnel replacing drives or returning failed drives is long gone. And now manufacturers are offering hard drive retention programs because they don’t want to be responsible for your data.

TechR2® has a solution that provides you with physical security and technical security for your data bearing devices from the moment they are removed from your network. Contact us today to learn about our Tear-A-Byte® solution and how we can help you improve your data security while mitigating your risk of a data breach.

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