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Announcement: IBM Officially Begins
Media Destruction Services Featuring Tear-A-Byte®
(Jan. 29, 2019)

Tear-A-Byte® features

  • Trackable end-to-end
  • Complies with the NEW legislation such as GDPR as well as existing regulations
  • Reduces the possibility of data breaches

IBM's Front Line Media Destruction Process


  • Track, Contain & Destroy loose data-bearing devices
  • End-to-end tracking, compliance with internal and external data privacy regulations
  • Detailed Certificate of Destruction for compliance audits and no-security exposures

IBM Media Destruction Services Datasheet
Promotes Tear-A-Byte®!

Tear-A-Byte® provides

  • An all-inclusive, comprehensive solution for data to be destroyed in a security-rich environment
  • A destruction process that includes degaussing and destruction
  • Great reduction to the possibility of a data breach or data loss

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