• GROW Licking County News Release: “TechR2 Announces Headquarter Expansion”

    Technology firm TechR2 Announces Headquarter Expansion to Pataskala, Creating 22 New Jobs

    PATASKALA, OHIO — GROW Licking County Community Improvement Corporation and the City of Pataskala, in partnership with Columbus 2020, are pleased to announce a relocation and expansion of TechR2, LLC’s headquarters into the City of Pataskala. TechR2 is a national and global leader in digital data security. The HQ facility will accommodate TechR2’s continuing growth in its media retention and data eradication business operations based in Central Ohio.

    Sean Gouhin, who serves as EVP and Corporate Counsel of TechR2, applauded the new relationship, “We recently experienced a significant growth spurt after we were granted a patent for our Tear-A-Byte® Track-Contain-Destroy onsite media security methods. GROW Licking County, The City of Pataskala and Columbus 2020 provided us with an attractive platform through which to house and implement our much needed expansion.” Sepp Rajaie, CEO and founder of TechR2, went on to state, “I have been a resident of the City of Pataskala for many years and am now excited to bring our business into the community that my family has grown to love.”

    “I welcome TechR2 to the City of Pataskala. We are always grateful when a quality company, such as TechR2, locates their headquarters in our city,” said Tim Hickin, Council President for the City of Pataskala. “The location they chose on the west side of the city will provide for their continued success. I am optimistic that this move will open the door for other tech based companies to locate to our community. I also want to thank the organizations and individuals who played a key role in assisting TechR2 with this relocation and expansion.”

    The relocation and expansion into the City of Pataskala includes the retainage of 17 jobs and the creation of 22 new jobs into this booming marketplace. To learn more about TechR2 and their services, be sure to visit their website:

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  • TechR2: NewsReel

    TechR2: Data Center Media Security-A New Category of Enterprise Concern

    Sepp Rajaie, President

    “We are proud to say that TechR2 has been able to completely eliminate all client risk in connection with data under our control”

    Today’s enterprise faces endless data security concerns but one in particular is too often disregarded. The issue: How does an enterprise securely and compliantly eradicate data from failed and/or decommissioned data-bearing devices prior to kicking them to the curb? What do you do with it when you’re done with it? Sounds simple, right? Hey, just punch a hole in it. Nope, not good enough— data is still recoverable. OK, then, shred it in the parking lot. Wrong again—research shows that data can still be recovered— not to mention the fact that the enterprise has lost control of the data as soon as it crosses the threshold of the door to the outside. Don’t worry about the hazardous waste being tracked back inside after being released in the shredding process. Well, then, just “securely” ship it to a third party vendor to take care of it. What??!! Can you say breach and headline news in the same breath? Yeah, only one use for the so-called “Certificate of Destruction” received in return. Unfortunately, there is nothing simple about it.

    One company has pioneered a comprehensive solution that is fully compliant with the multitude of stringent regulation mandates. TechR2 started with a unique idea on how to address obsolete enterprise data and evolved it into TechR2’s patented Tear-A-Byte system, which employs a “Track-Contain- Destroy” methodical approach that is rapidly becoming the industry standard. “By adopting a completely transparent process of on-site data eradication, TechR2 guarantees compliance with all industry regulations,” says Sepp Rajaie, TechR2’s President and the man with the vision.

    The Tear-A-Byte solution begins with the implementation of an intricate RFID system that tags each device and communicates with TechR2’s proprietary software to “track” the device’s every move via the TechR2 client-access web portal. No device (or data contained on the device) can leave the enterprise facility without real-time, immediate alert. The Tear-A-Byte appliance is then utilized to securely house and “contain” all of the devices, along with the data on each device. Once the Tear-A-Byte appliance fills to capacity, TechR2 dispatches its certified engineers to reconcile all of the devices with the data contained on each, after which the data is completely and irretrievably “destroyed” through the use of NSA certified degaussers.

    “TechR2’s engineers not only audit and fully assess any risk, but double verify the reconciliation process to ensure nothing falls through the cracks,” says Rajaie. Once the Tear-A-Byte process is complete and all data is eradicated, then—and only then— are the wiped media collected in TechR2’s techBox for device recycling. TechR2 then disposes of the “technology corpses” in a manner that is compliant with all EPA and R2 standards in accordance with TechR2’s “Zero Landfill Policy.” “There is reason why we have R2 in our company name— Responsible Recycling is a standard we live by,” states Rajaie. Finally, TechR2 issues the Enterprise a Certificate of Destruction that actually means something.

    TechR2 has earned and currently maintains multiple ISO and industry certifications, including ISO27001, ISO14001, ISO9001, OHSAS18001 and R2. Tear-A-Byte is fully compliant with these standards which encompass many underlying industry specifications, such as those regulating healthcare, banking and data center organizations. Rajaie states that TechR2’s Tear-A-Byte process is not limited to any one particular industry but adequately serves them all. As Rajaie puts it, “We are proud to say that TechR2 has been able to completely eliminate all client risk in connection with data under our control; we have yet to permit a single data breach and we are committed to keeping it that way!”

    TechR2 is well-versed with serving individual clients and also partnering with manufacturers of data bearing devices to deploy its patented Tear-A-Byte data eradication solution. “Our solutions are revolutionizing the media retention and security industry by helping take the incredible burden off the shoulders of CIOs,” concludes Rajaie. With many promising ventures on its plate, TechR2 is certainly looking at an exciting future.

  • SAFENOTES, August 2015

      TechR2 | SAFENOTES
    A Monthly eNewsletter from TechR2
    Data Security is Our #1 Priority
    Due to the increased number of data breaches over the past few years, TechR2’s process for recycling e-waste has evolved. Data Security and Risk Mitigation is our primary focus to reduce the risk of brand compromise within your organization. According to the Ponemon Institute, 2015 Cost of a Data Breach Study, the average cost of a data breach is $3.79 million dollars this is a 23% increase in the total cost since 2013. TechR2 specializes in Onsite Data Destruction and Technology Asset Retirement solutions. We are certified in five different international Standards of Management Systems designed to best serve the needs of our customers by providing secure data destruction and responsible recycling solutions. We are also proud to be a part of the WBE enterprise. We take pride in our data security best practices and our role in honoring the environment.
    Wiping Safely or Shredding Unenvironmentally
    The shredding industry tells us they safely destroy data bearing devices at our workplaces and that our workers will be fine. We should reflect on the processes where circuit boards are manufactured and the protection employees receive on the factory line. Employees often wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and have exhaust hoods to make work environments as safe as we can make it. Shredding service providers will tell you that they meet the current US standards. These are the same kind of regulations that protected cigarettes and certain drugs that were pulled from the market. I discussed this “shredding” matter with an ISO 14001 auditor and worker safety advocate. He explained that he recently tested the shredding machine at a company and their air filter for dangerous contaminates passed within limits. Then he did something not in the specification. He tested the carpet on the floor where the catch bin was unloaded. This area had a concentration of metals that were not safe for humans. Do you think that the employees are tracking these E-waste particles around the building and to their home on their shoes? In a bulletin distributed by the State of California entitled Electronic Waste Recycling: Working Safely (, they state “Workers may encounter hazards in electronic waste (e-waste) recycling, including the risk of injury, hearing loss, and exposure to toxic dusts and other chemicals. These hazards can cause permanent and serious health problems and could begin without workers being aware of them. Employers must provide a safe and healthy workplace”. We believe that there should not be e-waste in work areas (in the building or in parking lots). As an ISO 27001 certified data destruction company, we believe you should never allow a shredding company to carry disk drives to the parking lot for grinding because they break the security trust of customers and jeapordize the safety of the data. TechR2 has many types of products and services to safely wipe and destroy data bearing devices that have reached the end of their life. To explore these options, go to or:
    Contact TechR2
    Charles Robbins Director of Research and Development
    A Plethora of TechR2 Products and Services
    • ISO 27001 Risk Assessments to help managers understand where they are in processing end of life data bearing devices. These risk assessments are given to supervisors for their benefit and to meet regulatory requirements for regular reviews.
    • Return on Investment (RIO) calculators to give our customers the financial tools to plan and budget for data destruction. Our calculators are written in VBA in Microsoft Office Word to easily adapt to an organization’s reporting scheme.
    • Passive RFID System with TAB Appliance is a system that tracks the data-bearing device from the beginning to the end of life. The system incorporates reliable RFID tags, readers and door portals to give you the ability to track your physical data bearing devices like the big companies.
    • User Interfaces such as the Customer Portal and Scan2go kiosk allow customers to easily scan devices into secure containment and give managers the reports to do their work efficiently.
    • Mobile hard drive wiping station for loose drives is a NEW tool for the TEAR-A-BYTE process that allows the company to pull hard drives from a desktop or laptop and the device is wiped in the station using the DoD compliant 3 pass overwrite and verify software.
    • Mobile degaussing station for magnetic hard drives is used in our TEAR-A-BYTE process to permanently destroy the data on magnetic hard disk drives. Our devices are NSA approved.
    • Techniques for wiping IBM Storage servers and other storage complexes are another NEW addition to our battery of products and services. Our trained technicians will wipe these large units onsite and we will certify and make ready for service for their next job.
    • TechBOX containers for safe shipping those digital units that you have sitting around the office to our facility for safe and environmentally sound processing. TechR2 has ISO 14001 and R2 recycling, remarketing and charitable services so you can direct the final destination of your equipment.
    • Onsite Training is available for all companies using the TEAR-A-BYTE process. Contact our Client Relations team to schedule the training session and even better yet, get your team certified so your group is working efficiently and you have the training documentation available for your next audit.
    While the above shows an exciting list that we are proud of accomplishing, we continue to lead the Data Destruction industry in technological development. All the while, we are meeting the ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and R2 certifications. But the most common comments we are happy to hear is “you have exceeded our expectations”, “job well done” and “we will utilize your services again”.
    Data Storage Security Solutions
    Is Your Reputation Safe?
    Reputation risk is one of the high risk concerns among business executives globally, because reputation accounts for a significant portion of a company’s market value and affects its future viability. Incidents that damage reputation, such as data breaches and lost or stolen records can result in greater financial loss than the original event. The past couple years have brought major aspects of awareness to the table with emerging risks, either from data security or technological alterations. Meanwhile, regulators are forcing industries to take more responsibility for risk management. Risk management is mostly about handling uncertainty. Data-at-rest means data-at-RISK. Hence, IT managers must: a) have a specific plan for their IT assets b) must be aware of the root cause of adverse outcomes and c) manage and prevent anything that might affect the organization’s reputation. We can help. Contact us today to learn about our TAB solution and how we can help you improve your data security while mitigating your risk of a data breach.
    Blog: Data Security Awareness
    Employee Spotlight
    Cheng Chea, Audit Technician

    Nickname: Cheng

    Hometown: Kampong Cham, Cambodia Years at TechR2: 13 years. What do you do here? Audit Technician.

    What do you love most about TechR2? Energetic and positive work environment, and the smiles of his co-workers especially from our President. What are your hobbies & interests? Fixing and doing any “handyman “ work around the house, Current Vice President of Columbus Buddhist Community.

    What is your most used saying? “I’m Mad” (but is really happy).

  • What’s New at TechR2?

    We are expanding with technology that keeps pace with your organization’s needs. For instance, this month, we are assembling, testing and shipping (TAB) Appliances with our RFID module for datacenters.

    This unit is our premier system. Technicians connect RFID tags to each critical device in the datacenter, tracking the critical units and data bearing devices, while reporting to managers any critical information missing.

    We use RFIDs tags to follow each unit from active use to end-of-life processing by placing readers in the TAB appliance and within each room that holds a non-working device. We can also locate antennas at various points to follow the digital units as they move throughout the building. All of our systems and reports are user-friendly and compatible with Office software.

    We are also assembling TAB Appliances with Scan2go tablets for easy, yet secure processing and tracking of digital data bearing devices. In this version of a mounted kiosk is available for scanning and recording each PID tracking sticker, serial number and other critical information labeled. Two sizes are available to best meet the customer’s needs.

    Moreover, we are wiping storage servers all the time, whether at our facility or on the road. In addition, we have a solid-state wiping solution that secures all of the data on mobile phones and tablets. Technicians connect the data-bearing gear to the wiping server and the certified software does its job. In every case, we provide reports and certificates that the work is complete and to industry standards – and compliant with our ISO 27001, 9001 and 14001 procedures.

    In 2015, your organization can look to TechR2 to access today’s most advanced procedures for data breach prevention – solutions that meet the needs of any organization, large or small that is aggressively engaged in securing their customer’s data. Afterall, penalties for losing information is staggering and we see business reports again and again, revealing security has been breached. So protect your brand and your job by contacting us at TechR2.

    Charles Robbins
    Director of Research and Development

    TechR2 is a Global Solution Provider for Enterprise onsite data destruction & IT Asset Retirement Services.

    Call us to get started today!

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    You’ll find that working with us is fast and easy. Our data retirement experts work hard to learn your company’s distinct needs and determine the best end-of-life solutions for your organization’s technology.

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  • The Security Solutions Center

    March 4, 2015 was the official launch of TechR2’s Security Solutions Center.

    The SSC is a showcase of our core capabilities and solution offerings based on TechR2’s ISO certifications. This area has been created for clients to visit, learn, watch and interact with tools and processes from our total comprehensive plan.

    Our entire spectrum of data security processes are available for your Enterprise’s retired, failed and off-network media – creating an onsite audit trail, onsite containment, onsite reconciliation, onsite destruction and more.

    TechR2 is a Global Solution Provider for Enterprise onsite data destruction & IT Asset Retirement Services.

    Call us to get started today!

    Call 614-322-2222

    You’ll find that working with us is fast and easy. Our data retirement experts work hard to learn your company’s distinct needs and determine the best end-of-life solutions for your organization’s technology.

  • Introducing the TechR2 ebook, "5 Reasons Why Onsite Data Destruction is Crucial to Protecting Your Brand"

    TechR2, the certified leader of the onsite data destruction industry, has created a concise, easy-to-read ebook detailing the reasons why onsite data destruction can save your brand’s reputation and save your company millions. Written to benefit everyone from small business owners to the CISO’s of billion dollar companies, this ebook is packed with enlightening data and expertise. If you’ve come to believe in the misconception that an information security system is complete as long as it defends against cyber hackers, this ebook is a must-read. In fact, data breaches often aren’t the result of cyber hacking at all. Statistics in this ebook suggest loose media may be just as likely to bring your company to its knees. That’s why employing onsite data destruction is imperative.

    First, with respect to the point about saving your brand’s reputation, we should all understand how valuable a brand is in the first place. For example, Apple’s competitors now make comparable products, but Apple is still on top because people recognize the brand as being synonymous with the best. That’s power. But not everyone makes the connection between brand reputation and information security. Well, Target has seen the strength of its brand plummet as a result of the massive data breach it suffered last year. Millions of customer credit cards were exposed and despite admirable and strategic recovery efforts, many of those and other customers have not returned to shop at the mega-retailer. The brand’s reputation may be irreparably damaged.

    Techr2 eBook - Why data destruction is crucial to your enterpriseThis brings me to the second focus of the ebook: the promise that using onsite data destruction to avoid a data breach can save your company millions. Read the ebook to get the exact numbers, but let’s just say the damage of a large scale data breach is measured in millions not thousands. Part of this is due to the loss of business your company could see when its reputation plummets. Everyone is worried about information security these days and in such a climate, you don’t want to be the guys who just got burned. And then there’s the cost of recovering from your data breach. Data breach recovery is a booming industry. Firms are popping up and cashing in on desperate, staggering companies just trying to survive. And if you’re a small business, there is usually no recovery.

    You can’t afford to keep rolling the dice with an incomplete information security system. You need onsite data destruction. This ebook, written by the experts, will help you make sense of it all.

    Techr2 eBook - Why data destruction is crucial to your enterprise5 Reasons Why
    Onsite Data Destruction is
    Crucial to Protecting Your Brand

    This 14 page document covers all-important topics such as:

    • Avoiding the Data Breach Headlines
    • Mobile Device Risks
    • Refresh and Storage Risks
    • 5 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs Onsite
    • Data Destruction
    • How Do You Protect Your Organization?

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  • TechR2 Stands Out at Celebration of Industry’s Best

    TechR2 Highlights the Value of Data Destruction at Business of Security Event

    July 31, 2014 – COLUMBUS, OH – Business of Security events are held several times a year throughout Central Ohio. Business of Security was founded in 2005 and has run over 120 events in the US. The executive panel format dubbed, “Roll the Dice” was launched in Columbus in 2013 and drew 135 people for both the inaugural event and the one held in July of 2014. Business of Security also conducts “Art of the Craft” networking events at the Actual Brewing Company that draw 85-100 people.

    Mike Radigan, the Executive Director for Business of Security, hosted the most recent banquet. In describing his company he said, “the value of Business of Security is helping define and communicate the value that information security brings to a business.” Mr. Radigan invited TechR2 as the main event sponsor to spotlight the value of TechR2’s services. Before introducing a panel of leaders in information security, Charles Robbins of TechR2 was asked to speak to this value and explain what sets TechR2 apart when it comes to protecting information.

    As Director of Research and Development, Charles is driven to create and perfect the most innovative methods of preventing valuable data from being lost or stolen. That’s why, as he mentions,

    “TechR2 has become the market leader in retiring your data-bearing devices.”

    It’s not subjective. TechR2 has earned multiple levels of certification that the others simply have not. TechR2 is the only onsite data destruction company to have earned the ISO 27001 certification, which represents the highest standard in security.

    After Charles Robbins kicked off the night by showcasing the gold standard in data destruction, it was time to hear from the panel of information security experts. The panel included Jerry Walters, the Director of Information Security at Ohio Health, Wayne Hilt, Head of Cyber Security for Consumer and Community Banking at JPMorgan Chase, Keith Fricke, the Information Security Officer at Catholic Health Partners, Mike Scott who is the Vice President at Information Security and Network Services, and finally Richard Bird who is a Technology Security Executive at Mettler-Toledo International, Inc.

    The highlight of the night may have been when Charles Robbins demonstrated TechR2’s TEAR-A-BYTE®, {TAB} (Patent Pending) solution featuring the new Scan2go console. offers Best Practices for your data bearing devices as they are removed from the network.

    As Charles explained, provides a detailed audit trail, secure containment, reconciliation, and certified onsite destruction of electronic media devices.

    The value the Scan2go console provides is that once scanned it provides a real-time inventory of each retired device in the system along with the serial number and the date and time it was deposited.


    For more information on data security, visit or contact TechR2 by phone at 614-322-2222 or by email at