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Good Documentation Practices

ISO standards all contain the same basic premise: Say what you do (formulate manuals and procedure policies), do what you say and document it (create and implement internal forms and necessary documentation). Ultimately, documents are evidence that the actions or tasks have been performed, therefore, all documentation should be concise, legible, accurate, and traceable


Is Your Reputation Safe?

Reputation risk is one of the high risk concerns among business executives globally, because reputation accounts for a significant portion of a company’s market value and affects its future viability.


Our Management is qualified under Best Practices.

TechR2 went through the Surveillance audit of 3 standards including 27001, 9001 & 18001 in month of May. The aim of these audits is a continual process of review and assessment to verify that the system is working as it is supposed to; to find out where it can improve; and to correct or prevent problems identified. And with the hard work of TechR2’s team, audit has been closed proudly!


What’s New at TechR2?

Technicians connect RFID tags to each critical device in the datacenter, tracking the critical units and data bearing devices, while reporting to managers any critical information missing.


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