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Do you know where your hard drives go at night?

An organization’s information is the lifeblood of its business and must be protected at all costs. Rarely does a day go by without a major data breach hitting the headlines – Target, JP Morgan Chase, Equifax, Facebook – the list grows daily. The ramifications of a data breach are devastating, and many times will put a company out of business altogether.


Hospice Receives a $50,000 Penalty for HIPAA Violations

A federal investigation of an information breach that affected fewer than 500 individuals has resulted in a hefty penalty for HIPAA violations.

This demonstrates how important it is to understand that no matter what the size of a breach, the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights may issue penalties if its investigation reveals HIPAA non-compliance issues.


Google fined 50M euros ($57.8M) by French data regulator CNIL, for breach of EU’s data protection rules.

The regulator said Google had not obtained clear consent to process data because “essential information” was “disseminated across several documents”.

“The relevant information is accessible after several steps only, implying sometimes up to five or six actions,” the regulator said. “Users are not able to fully understand the extent of the processing operations carried out by Google.”