Computer Recycling

May 24 , 2016 | Posted by Sepp Rajaie |

New TechBox Elite for Enterprise

New TechBox Elite for Enterprise Have you ever processed an executive’s old laptop or tablet and need to secure it from theft or harm? Did you ever need a secure, protected area in the office that is large enough to hold computers? Wouldn’t it be convenient to place an old computer in a secure container and then wheel it away

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April 27 , 2016 | Posted by TechR2 Media |

International Certifications: TechR2 Client Reach Demands

Why does Columbus, Ohio based TechR2 (leading data eradication company) have so many expensive, difficult to earn, difficult to maintain, globally respected certifications? Why are standards critical to controlling data eradication processes? Why should e-waste not use destruction technologies meant for paper? When building anything, it is important to create a solid foundation to assure customers that quality, security, safety [...]

SAFENOTES, August 2015

  TechR2 | SAFENOTES SAFENOTES A Monthly eNewsletter from TechR2 Data Security is Our #1 Priority Due to the increased number of data breaches over the past few years, TechR2’s process for recycling e-waste has evolved. Data Security and Risk Mitigation is our primary focus to reduce the risk of brand compromise within your organization. According to the Ponemon Institute,

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August 3 , 2015 | Posted by TechR2 Media |

A Plethora of TechR2 Products and Services

ISO 27001 Risk Assessments to help managers understand where they are in processing end of life data bearing devices. These risk assessments are given to supervisors for their benefit and to meet regulatory requirements for regular reviews. Return on Investment (RIO) calculators to give our customers the financial tools to plan and budget for data destruction. Our calculators are written [...]
August 3 , 2015 | Posted by TechR2 Media |

Wiping Safely or Shredding UNenvironmentally

The shredding industry tells us they safely destroy data bearing devices at our workplaces and that our workers will be fine. We should reflect on the processes where circuit boards are manufactured and the protection employees receive on the factory line. Employees often wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and have exhaust hoods to make work environments as safe as we [...]

The Security Solutions Center

March 4, 2015 was the official launch of TechR2's Security Solutions Center. The SSC is a showcase of our core capabilities and solution offerings based on TechR2's ISO certifications. This area has been created for clients to visit, learn, watch and interact with tools and processes from our total comprehensive plan. Our entire spectrum of data security processes are available [...]
March 10 , 2015 | Posted by TechR2 Media |

Solid State Device Wiping Solution

TechR2 Mobile Device Wiping Assemblies have 64 bit, Intel Core I5 Wiping Computers with powered hubs along with individual cables for ease of hook up to each portable piece of equipment. Each TechR2 technician can perform data erasure on many Android tablets or iOS mobile devices simultaneously. The software erases all Android devices running OS V1.6 or higher software, all [...]