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Asset Disposal


Do you know where your hard drives go at night?

An organization’s information is the lifeblood of its business and must be protected at all costs. Rarely does a day go by without a major data breach hitting the headlines – Target, JP Morgan Chase, Equifax, Facebook – the list grows daily. The ramifications of a data breach are devastating, and many times will put a company out of business altogether.


Act now for GDPR compliance

Act now for GDPR compliance! The TechR2® process and global ISO certifications fully comply with GDPR mandates, setting us far apart from anyone in the industry. ​ Did you know? Businesses that are ill-prepared for the [...]

Industry Differentiators

This is a detailed comparison between TechR2® and other vendors who perform fully compliant media storage security and data / information eradication services. There are companies that provide segments of TechR2's® services, but we are confident [...]

TechBox™ for Enterprise

Have you ever processed an executive’s old laptop or tablet and need to secure it from theft or harm? Did you ever need a secure, protected area in the office that is large enough to hold [...]

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