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About TechR2


The Security Solutions Center

The SSC is a showcase of our core capabilities and solution offerings based on TechR2’s ISO certifications. This area has been created for clients to visit, learn, watch and interact with tools and processes from our total comprehensive plan.


Data breaches: Looking back at 2014

In 2014, over the 5 major industries (Financial, healthcare, educational, Government/military, and business/retail) there were 761 data breaches with an astounding 83 million + records exposed. This is pretty significant compared to the numbers from 2013 which saw 537 breaches and about 55 million in exposed records (IDtheftcenter.org, 2014).


ROI Savings Using an ISO 27001 Organization

Last month, a seminar was held locally with many of the information security professionals in our area and an expert spoke of the necessity of having the ISO 27001 certification. After the formal presentation, this person was answering several pointed questions. One of those queries was about using vendors who also have the ISO 27001 certification and the specialist stated the cost of using a company that did not also have the security standard was going to be sizable. The organization was going to have to allocate resources to implement the same ISO controls at the vendor’s location that they were using at their site to meet their security plan.


TechR2 Stands Out at Celebration of Industry’s Best

July 31, 2014 – COLUMBUS, OH – Business of Security events are held several times a year throughout Central Ohio. Business of Security was founded in 2005 and has run over 120 events in the US. The executive panel format dubbed, “Roll the Dice” was launched in Columbus in 2013 and drew 135 people for both the inaugural event and the one held in July of 2014. Business of Security also conducts “Art of the Craft” networking events at the Actual Brewing Company that draw 85-100 people.


TechR2 Certified as a Woman Business Enterprise

Over 700 public and private sector individuals participated in establishing the Standards and Procedures of this rigid certification review. The goal of the certification program is to streamline the certification process and increase the ability of women business owners to compete for contracts at a national level.


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