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April 27 , 2017 | Posted by TechR2 Media |

GROW Licking County News Release: “TechR2 Announces Headquarter Expansion”

Technology firm TechR2 Announces Headquarter Expansion to Pataskala, Creating 22 New Jobs PATASKALA, OHIO -- GROW Licking County Community Improvement Corporation and the City of Pataskala, in partnership with Columbus 2020, are pleased to announce a relocation and expansion of TechR2, LLC’s headquarters into the City of Pataskala. TechR2 is a national and global leader in digital data security. The [...]
April 25 , 2017 | Posted by TechR2 Media |

A Patented Process to Fully Protect Our Business Partners

TechR2 is the only company in the industry that has been awarded a patent (U.S. Patent 9,430,654) for its comprehensive Track-Contain-Destroy process. TechR2’s patent recognizes the unique process that TechR2 has developed to fully protect its business partners from data breaches that might otherwise result from mismanaged loose data-bearing devices. TechR2’s patented process is unmatched in the industry and, more [...]
April 25 , 2017 | Posted by TechR2 Media |

Top 10 features which differentiate an industry leader

What sets TechR2 apart? Here are ten features which differentiate an industry leader: Patented process – the only of its kind in the industry RFID tagging combined with proprietary software – we are not aware of any better A training program that ensures business partner personnel adhere to strict protocol – you would be hard-pressed to find a vendor that

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April 25 , 2017 | Posted by TechR2 Media |

Industry Differentiators

This is a detailed comparison between TechR2 and other vendors who perform fully compliant media storage security and data / information eradication services.  There are companies that provide segments of TechR2's services, but we are confident that no other company provides the comprehensive, A-to-Z, full compliance media security / data / information eradication solution that TechR2 provides.  TechR2’s patented method [...]
April 27 , 2016 | Posted by TechR2 Media |

The 3 Mistakes that Led to Your Data Breach

Let’s get right to the point: in today’s world, we must track, contain and destroy the data-bearing devices when they reach the end of the life or use in order to prevent your data being compromised. At TechR2, we deploy NSA-certified degaussers to quickly overwrite each magnetic data-bearing device, which is discussed in NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY / CENTRAL SECURITY SERVICE [...]
April 27 , 2016 | Posted by TechR2 Media |

International Certifications: TechR2 Client Reach Demands

Why does Columbus, Ohio based TechR2 (leading data eradication company) have so many expensive, difficult to earn, difficult to maintain, globally respected certifications? Why are standards critical to controlling data eradication processes? Why should e-waste not use destruction technologies meant for paper? When building anything, it is important to create a solid foundation to assure customers that quality, security, safety [...]
December 15 , 2015 | Posted by TechR2 Media |

The 2-Person Security Rule Should Be Common Sense

'Saving a Few Dollars Cost Enterprise Millions' In a data center, there are two types of systems, those that are working and can be managed by the storage manager software written by companies like IBM and EMC. Then there are the systems that are being decommissioned or containing data bearing devices that no longer function. Because the majority of data centers do not have systems in place to [...]