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What truly distinguishes TechR2®, outside of our proprietary services, is the extensive experience our staff can offer you.

Business Development

Mr. Sepp Rajaie
President / CEO
Mr. Sean M. Gouhin
Executive Vice President, Corporate Counsel
Mr. Kevin Serna
Vice President of Business Development
Mr. Phil McCorkle
Sr. Director of Business Development
Ms. Vanessa Harmon
Director of HR/Communications
Mr. Keith Kinnison
Client Relations & Logistics


Lisa Rajaie
Vice President of Administration
Mr. A.S. (Tony) Duque
Management Support Director


Mr. Marc Swearengen
Director of Operations
Mr. Richard Biggs
ISO Standards Director

Technology & Engineering

Mr. Charles Robbins
Vice President of Engineering and DPO
Mr. Matt Burdick
Vice President of Information Technology
Mr. Dave Riedl
Technology Services Manager



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