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Healthcare News: “The risk of experiencing a data breach ‘is higher than ever,’ according to Experian’s second annual industry forecast”

Healthcare IT News, Healthcare to be 'plagued' by data breaches in 2015

Business leaders will be held to higher standards. “It is clear that security can no longer be viewed as just an IT issue”

Experian, ``In 2015, scrutiny of corporate leadership’s management of security may continue to increase in the form of legal and regulatory action after a major incident.``

Hard drive shredding
is not enough.

Self-managed data retirement systems and the failure to execute specialized, critical data destruction and retirement procedures could lead to:

  • Crushing data breach recovery costs
  • Heavy legal fines
  • Irrevocable harm to brand and reputation
  • Loss of customer loyalty

TEAR-A-BYTE Data Loss Prevention ServicesTechR2 presents
a comprehensive multistage solution, deploying today’s most advanced procedures for data breach prevention, including:

  1. Secure onsite device containment
  2. ISO 27001 certified onsite destruction
  3. Regulation compliant shredding and R2 recycling
  4. Cost-effective, efficient, immediate and easy-to-implement

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Highest Industry Certifications: ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, R2, WBE, and more.

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