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The #1 cause of large-scale data breaches is loss of data-bearing media. Learn More

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through comprehensive IT asset retirement solutions. Learn More

New Federal standards require companies upgrade their information security practices.

TechR2 is ISO 27001:2005, R2:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Certified. Learn More

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Ask to see a Green Report and learn about our zero landfill policy. Learn More

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TEAR-A-BYTE® ensures compliance with all data security regulations. Learn More

Responsible Technology Recycling

Is your Enterprise Protected?

It’s no secret that Data breaches are a threat to all organizations. Don’t let your organization become a part of these statistics. Allow TechR2 to assist in mitigating your risk of a data breach that would lead to significant fines, litigations and most of all – harm to your reputation and brand. Learn More

Why Choose TechR2?

TechR2 partners with many organizations to reduce their exposure and risk by providing secure onsite data destruction solutions and end-of-life disposal options. We are WBE, ISO 14001:2004 and R2:2008 certified. Learn More

Guidelines for Compliance & Industry Best Practices

TechR2 takes an aggressive role in honoring our environment in everything that we do. We ensure that standards are in place and our business associates are aware of the different requirements and regulations specific to their industry. Learn More

Technology Trends

As the world of technology is evolving and IT rules are changing, the security risks are increasing. TechR2 provides consulting and advice on upcoming trends and challenges that our clients are faced with daily. Learn More


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  • Risks vs. Costs

    The Truth Behind FREE Computer Recycling: As the technology recycling industry continues to grow, you begin to see a flood of new and existing businesses now offering these types of services. A recent trend has seen many of these businesses offering to recycle old computers and other IT assets at no cost. While this is great for their bottom line, this leaves the door wide open to risks such as ... Read more...

  • Mobile Device Management: The New Frontier in IT Security

    Mobile devices have changed the landscape of IT asset management and data security policies. IT managers now have to develop and implement new processes to help to manage, control, and properly dispose of these devices. The biggest hurdle with this is the shifting of power from the IT department to the employees themselves... Read more...

  • 4 Ways Your IT Asset Disposal Vendor Can Save You Money

    IT asset disposition can be a very time consuming and aggravating process. If not done correctly you risk significant costs (legal fees, fines, etc), environmental violations, and the risk of a data breach. As we have highlighted in other blogs, a solid decommissioning policy and disposition program is the first step in mitigating your risks... Read more...

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